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You have the power to compose the life you want to live. Our bodies are the composition of the foods we eat, thoughts we think, community we choose, and environment we surround ourselves with. I created Composed Nutrition to provide a clear path to body balance through nutritional guidance. Together we can create the plan to find your balance, your way.

When we are out of balance we feel like shit. We have no energy, our skin breaks out, we cannot get out of bed, we drink the entire weekend to blow off steam, we exercise hard even when we are exhausted, we experience debilitating cramps and bloating. We are running off of quadruple shot venti lattes, lashing out, eating all of our meals out. We. are. stressed. out.

And how do we even have time to do anything about it when we are juggling our nine to five plus ridiculous commute, packed social calendars, volunteering for that thing you signed up for two months ago as a “good networking opportunity” and can’t get out of now, parties we feel like we “should” go to, saying yes to everything. It’s exhausting.

Never mind all that stuff we’re carrying around – you know the things we do not talk about also known as trauma and pain, that gets pushed down until we have time to find a therapist to help us work through it all. So instead we reach outside of ourselves to deal with it all. We turn to booze, relationships, scrolling on social media, food, drugs, online shopping.

It is no shocker that the foods we are eating, the toxic products we are using, the lack of sleep we are getting, and the band aids we are using to deal with it all are all adding up leaving us with hormonal imbalances, inflammation, digestive issues, and no energy or motivation to do anything about it. Plus, so much of the health information out there is confusing so why not just keeping doing what we are doing?

We at Your Best Nutrition believe that food sets a foundation for how we live our lives.

When we get in touch with how the foods we eat make us feel, we can tap into the messages our bodies are trying to tell us. We all have nutritional non-negotiables, certain things that we must get from nourishing, real foods in order to feel energized and balanced.

We provide all the numerous different tools and resources to support your body, enrich your mind, engage in community, and build your environment. The products we offer encourage you to eat more plants and to choose ingredients that build, balance, and replete your body.

Our goal at Your Best Nutrition is to teach you how to choose foods that nourish your body, align exercise with your body’s specific needs, support your mood naturally, cultivate a positive body image to work with your body, and live and eat intuitively and mindfully.


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