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Tussot serves every person who is passionate about life.

A new photo-sharing mobile App, Tussot allows users to interact with their friends. They can jointly arrange memories of the past, recording the excitement of current days, and drafting the stories for the future. A user can also arrange the moments with best friends into a storytelling photo album. They too can opt to customize and print it into a tidy album.

While Internet enriches our life and makes life easier, do you also find it disturbing at times?

While we are now getting so used to snap photos every here and there, our photos are mostly kept in our smartphones. More often than not, we hesitate if we should keep or delete the photos. Moreover, the photos have never been arranged at all. It is difficult to recall and reflect memorable stories due to too many photos taken in the past without proper themes and remarks written on it.

We tend to interact with different groups of friends, and we tend to switch among the groups for different photos album sharing. Tussot App provides this convenience for users.

While you are playing with your smartphone and viewing your photos with friends and family, do you also miss the touching sense of printed photos?

When the convenience of Internet scatters your photos taken in real life, Tussot helps you solve the problem.

Photo arrangement
Easy-to-use photo arrangement function which allows you to arrange albums under different themes using different template of your choice. That way, by glancing through the themed folders you can easily recall and reflect memorable stories happened in the past.

A circle between you and your real-life friends who share the same stories and unforgettable moments. And it surely is more meaningful when you guys can write your stories together.

Stylish taste
In a convenient and easy way for the stories between you and your buddies to be compiled into a refined book. It is true that photos and data kept in your hard disk could last for 100 years, but that is not as substantial and touching as a printed album jointly produced by you and your friends.

Make life memorable, and let memories recall the excitement of your life.
This is what Tussot mobile App offers.

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