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 TuneFork - SoundsGood 1.2

TuneFork is audio personalization software that delivers the optimal hearing experience, improving quality of life for people with hearing loss and elders.
Hearing is an individual experience. Each of us has unique hearing earprints. This is why no one sound system is perfect for everyone. When you listen to unbalanced audio, you will always miss something. In some cases, you may even cause damage to your hearing.
The TuneFork app allows you to take a hearing test when and where is most convenient to you. You could take the test in your living room, without going anywhere, and discover your unique earprint. The test is simple yet accurate, following the same protocols as a clinical hearing test that would usually only be done in special booths in hearing centers.
After taking the test, the result - your earprint - is converted by a sophisticated algorithm into an audio filter adjusted to meet your hearing needs. The app provides you with a demonstration of our audio personalization technology by playing an example of an adjusted audio file so you can experience the best sound you've ever had.
About the test:
- Should take 6-7 minutes
- Tests both ears to fully determine your earprint
- Clinically tested in laboratory conditions and regular home environments
The technology behind the app was developed by the TuneFork team with the support of Gal Hearing Systems. We guarantee that this is the most accurate self-test out there.
We are working hard to improve the test and the adjustment algorithm to bring new optimal and exciting hearing experience to everyone everywhere.
Please share your feedback with us: customerservice@tunefork.co.il

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