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 Trade-In: Sell, Bid, Win Cars 1.1

Trade-In brings the physical auction for used cars to an online platform where Sellers can put their cars up for auction and used car Dealers can bid for the cars of their choice.

The advantages?

- Sellers and Dealers can do the process from the comfort of their homes and offices without actually having to go to auctions, physically.
- Dealers from all over would be present for the auction as they can bid online and do not have to be present at any physical location. More dealers would mean that Sellers end up getting the best prices for their cars.
- Sellers who close a deal with any Dealer would in turn get better deals in their further purchase from the Dealer.
- Verified Dealers would mean that Sellers could actually be at peace about the deal they get.
- Dealers would have a multitude of options to choose from based on their preferences, as more Sellers would be online rather than at a physical location.
- The whole process would be completed in a day's time with proper notifications for bidding, out-bidding and closing of deals.
- User reviews would help Sellers and Dealers make informed choices.
- Analytics and graphs would give an idea about the current trends in used car sales.

How does it work?

- Sellers and Dealers have to download and register on to the app.
- Dealer profiles are first verified by Trade-In before being approved.
- Sellers can then add cars that they wish to sell, set the base price and put them up for auction. Auction would commence at 9 AM and close at 4 PM, the same day.
- Dealers would be sent notifications about the cars on auction on their devices.
- Dealers can go through the cars on auction for the day and bid on cars of their choice.
- Once out-bid, the Dealers would be notified of the same so that they may bid again, if they so wish.
- At the close of auctions for the day, the highest bidding Dealer for a car, wins the car. The Seller is notified of the same too.

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