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 Objectuve 3.1.1

It’s time to increase your personal and team goal achievement. Track and manage all of your goals in one place. Join a community focused on encouragement. Socialize with like-minded individuals. Improve focus and future happiness.

Effective goal management is the best way to attain the personal and professional success you desire. We all have difficulty planning and tracking goals on our own as humans are inherently social. It is easier to achieve an objective when you have a support system. Poor goal management and lack of encouragement leads to low goal achievement and feelings of failure.

Objectuve is a goal management platform that allows for social accountability with and through community.
It’s an accountability app.
A convenient reminder of your progress.
A tool for self-improvement and team collaboration.
An organized way to achieve your dreams.
A method for encouragement and support.

How it works:
1. The platform helps you set goals with some tips from Objectuve to get you started on your path to achievement.
2. It tracks your progress with subgoals and milestones that are kept in a detailed log of updates and an easy to read chart.
3. Allow your goals to be private or publicly share them to receive encouragement from like-minded and focused individuals in the Objectuve community
4. Create teams to work towards goals in a collaborative environment that allows companies, fundraising groups and departments meet deadlines and achieve success.
5. Achieve your goals and feel the sense of accomplishment and pride you’re looking for.

Some ways individuals can use Objective:
* As a conveniently mobile goal-setting system.
* Tracking tool for keeping you focused on individual goals.
* Priority management tool and determining what goals are most important to achieve.
* Big picture analysis of your personal goal(s) and progress.
* Build better habits by setting short-term or long-term goals
* Increase your professional success by setting and tracking career goals.
* A self-improvement tool that can help you in every area of your life.
* Encourage others to achieve their goals and support growth.
* Join communities that encourage you to succeed and help elevate you closer to goal achievement.

Additional ways teams can use Objective:
* Easily set, track and manage company wide, departmental, or team goals.
* Analyze individual or team weaknesses and strengths with team goal metrics.
* Create private team communities built for encouragement and team-building.
* Share goals socially and increase collaboration throughout an organization.
* Empower employees to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Objectuve was built to give teams and users the tools to track and manage their goals at any level. Start working towards better goal achievement today

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