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 Kokoon Relax 2.8.2

Relax & sleep easier with Kokoon. Create your place to pause, switch off and wind down; wherever, whenever.

Empower yourself with our tools and techniques to make relaxation & sleep simpler no matter what’s going on or where you are. Our collective of psychologists and mental health experts have collaborated with composers and voice over artists to create the everyday tools to coach yourself to better sleep and relaxation.

When used with the Kokoon bio sensing headphones you will gain insights into your sleep and relaxation. Our databases will start to personalise your content as they build a picture of what’s effective for you. Over time content will start to respond to you for example fading out as you fall asleep, adapting as you start to relax.

The Kokoon library gives access to the major types of audio to help promote relaxation and sleep including; Guided relaxation programs, Soundscapes, relaxation music, Sleep sessions, Adaptive white noise, Breathing exercises, spoken word, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, Body Scans, Resting Awareness, Visualisation, Focused Attention etc.

The library is continuously evolving as our composers and scientists measure what’s working and collaborate to develop and refine relaxation experiences, programs and techniques

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    12. 5. 2020

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