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 Kirtan Kriya Timer 2 1.2

Kirtan Kriya is one of the fundamental practices in Kundalini Yoga. This Timer will be a great assistant to you in your practice of Kirtan Kriya. This non-religious, thousands of years old practice can be adapted to several lengths, but practicing it for just 12 minutes a day has been shown to reduce stress levels and increase activity in areas of the brain that are central to memory.

According to recent research at the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation, Kirtan Kriya can significantly reduce risk factors for Alzheimer's disease and reverse the effects of it.

From an Eastern perspective, it is believed that the placement of the tongue on the roof of the mouth while chanting sounds stimulates 84 meridian points on the upper palate. This causes a beneficial bio-chemical transformation in the brain, adjusts the endocrine system, and creates a neutral balanced mind. In addition, research has revealed that utilizing the fingertip position (mudras) in conjunction with the sounds enhances blood flow to particular areas in the motor-sensory part of the brain.

It is one the first kriya taught by Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga. He mentioned that this Kriya would carry us through the Aquarian Age, even if all other teachings were lost.

Kirtan Kriya :
* is great for breaking habits
* brings you emotional balance
* helps you focus and center yourself
* acts as a spiritual cleanser
* is a catalyst for change
* is your Teacher
* works in the order that you individually need
* is particularly good meditation for invoking neutral mind
* reduces stress
* promotes mind-body-spirit connection
* releases the past
* clears past lovers from your aura. It helps you to reestablish your aura as your own.

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Sat Nam!

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