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 Inked - Your tattoo companion app - Find and save the best tattoo ideas and designs 0.9.7

Inked is your powerful tattoo app to discover hundreds of fresh tattoos every day, easily search through thousands of real tattoos and save your favorites to gaze at them whenever you want.


"It helps me to get my creative juices flowing. See what other people came up with, have done or are willing to do."

"Inked gives me a place where I can save all the bits and pieces for my sleeve and not only share them with other people but also have a place for me to reference when I actually go see the artist."

"Instead of having to check websites, instagram accounts, facebook posts and so forth, with Inked I have it all in one place, grouped up and nicely. It's a time saver. Time is money!"

"Inked is my main go-to when I'm wanting to get an idea or concept because it's very simple. I like it, it's clean and easy."

"I like it because there is a dedicated spot on my phone for something I'm quite interested in."


• You want to get a (or another) tattoo
• You love tattoos and can't get enough looking at them
• You want to help us by giving feedback to improve the app

• You don't care about tattoos
• You only criticize other tattoos and the people having them


Daily there are hundreds of new, fresh, real tattoo to discover. We are fascinated by the vast range of tattoos people are doing every single day. We love to discover real tattoos and we hope so do you!

Of course when you are getting tattooed and are looking for inspiration you need to know some styles you like and need a way to discover more of the same type. That's why we support tags natively and show it along the tattoos. Simply click on tag you want to see more of and boom you will have loads of tattoos of the same style.

Some of the most popular tags on the app:
• Small
• Flower
• Thigh
• Dots
• Line

You can alway discover the latest popular tags in the search tab.

Don't find something as a tag? No problem, just use our powerful search to find any kind of tattoo. Enter any term or combination of terms. The search also will find closely related tattoos. Sure, thousands of tattoos to search through are cool but you know that's really cool? A million tattoos. We are working hard to achieve this! :)

See something you like? With Inked you can easily save your favorites and always have your best tattoos with you. The best thing though is that you can gaze at them whenever you want and show them securely to anyone!

No more:
• Scrolling through you camera roll trying skip over the embarrassing shots when you want to show a tattoo to your friend or an artist
• Searching through you PC folders, not finding what you had in mind
• Not having your browser bookmarks with you all the time
• Wireless transferring pics you found on your computer to your phone (no, we didn't make this up, people are actually doing this!)


Even though Inked is already really useful for many cases, the app is far from finished and we have much planned for it but we wanted to give you access to the app as soon as possible. The development also won't stop and the app will become more and more powerful. But on the other hand we are also very focused on quality and keeping the app as simple as possible while still providing you more useful features!

There's always room for improvement, so make sure to let us know what you think, what's missing, what you like or don't like and what could be improved! We are reading every email (info@inked-app.com) and comment and come back to you!


You can reach us any time at info@inked-app.com and @inked_app_com if you need support or want to report a bug!
Also visit our site: www.inked-app.com

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