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 Debt to the Divine 1.6.1

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"The Debt to the Divine has more of a right to be paid back"

There is hardly one of us who has not missed a few prayers or prayed them incorrectly at one time or another, the righteous scholars of Islam are unanimous in agreement about the obligatory nature of making up missed prayers. All four of the madhhabs (schools of thought) in Islam deem it obligatory to make up missed prayers (Reliance of the traveller, w18.1).

This app is designed to aid those wanting to keep track of their missed prayers and make them up thus repaying their debt to the Divine. It may also be used for missed fasts and other forms of worship one wishes to make up.
The free version allows only one profile, however an In-App Purchase is enabled to allow you to unlock the ability to add more than one profile, such that you can keep track of other forms of worship or even another's debt to the Divine. You may have made up more of an individual prayer than another, so now you can track individual prayers on that screen and adjust accordingly.
Syncing to iTunes will back up your progress and restoring from iTunes will restore it.

Free Features:
*Setting the number of years, months and days to make up.
*Setting a deadline date, which will calculate and display the number of days worth of prayers one needs to make up per day to complete the debt within the deadline.
*Setting an increment value to allow you to increment by more than one day every time you tap the plus button.
*Changing your profile name.
*Synchronizing with iTunes to back up your progress.
*Setting the number of completed days by tapping on the completed number.
*Tracking individual prayers.
*Selecting your madhhab shows/hides Witr.

Pro Features:
*Adding more than one profile which can be used to track missed fasts, or even another person's progress.

Thank You:
I hope you benefit from this app and find use for it. May Allah assist you in repaying all your worldly and next worldly debts and grant you a goodly life. Thank you for using it, if you find it of benefit or have any suggestions please leave me some feedback.
I ask that you please keep me and my family in your prayers and to intend pure service to Allah when repaying your debt and using this tool to assist you.
A big thank you goes to those who helped with testing and ideas, and to our friends at www.untotheone.com for their inspiration, encouragement and support.
Also to our friends at www.muslimvillage.com for their assistance and for providing a space on the web to share this marvellous religion.
A thank you also goes to the kind people at Emmet Eiland's Oriental Rug Company who supplied the fine images.
Icons courtesy of icons.mysitemyway.com

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