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 calor BT 1.2.0

The app 'calor BT' controls BLUETOOTH® Smart Radiator Thermostats by eQ-3.

With the calor BT app and BLUETOOTH® Smart Radiator Thermostats by eQ-3 you can comfortably control your individual comfort temperature via smartphone. Your defined heating profiles are securely and easily transmitted via BLUETOOTH® Smart to the radiator thermostats. In this way, you will always find your ideal room temperature - without wasting energy while nobody is at home. The BLUETOOTH® Smart Radiator Thermostats can be quickly and easily installed, without having to drain any water or intervene in the heating system. Simply replace your conventional radiator thermostats by BLUETOOTH® Smart Radiator Thermostats and start saving energy!

With the calor BT app, up to five BLUETOOTH® Smart Radiator Thermostats can be configured and controlled right from the beginning.

Easy configuration
In the app, the BLUETOOTH® Smart Radiator Thermostats are easily taught-in and allocated to rooms. The user-friendly display of set-up rooms enables intuitive control via the app.

Individual comfort temperature for each room
You can comfortably control the room temperature via the app e.g. from your couch and adjust your heating control system to your personal needs.

Individual time control
With freely programmable heating profiles you can define individually tailored temperatures for each room at any time and create heating profiles with up to three heating phases per day. In this way, your home will only be heated when it needs to be. No more heating energy will be wasted while you are not at home and your energy savings will increase considerably.

Automatic mode
The automatic mode can be activated via the calor BT app. The BLUETOOTH® Smart Radiator Thermostats regulate the room temperature according to your defined and selected heating profiles.

Manual mode
Also the manual mode can be set via the app. The automatic mode is stopped and the radiator thermostats will remain at a defined temperature.

Holiday mode
To ensure that no heating energy will be wasted while you are out of the house (e.g. for holidays) you can activate the holiday function via the app before your journey. The temperature is then reduced via the BLUETOOTH® Smart Radiator Thermostats until a previously defined time. Afterwards, the rooms will be set back right in time to your personal comfort temperature so that a warm and cosy home will be waiting for you after your journey.

Boost function
With the boost function, cool rooms can be heated within short. The function can be activated either via the app or directly at the device. The heating valve opens completely for five minutes. There will be a pleasant room temperature right away because of the radiated heat. By the end of the boost phase, the BLUETOOTH® Smart Radiator Thermostats automatically change back to the prior operating mode.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by eQ-3 AG is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

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