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 애니멀고(ANIMALGO) 1.1.0

The AnimaGo App allows you to communicate and relate to people as a pet medium.

Pet images posted by users can be analyzed for pedigree using deep learning technology. Not only do you recognize the bloodline of dogs, cats, and so on, but you can also predict the rate of deep learning technology becomes more sophisticated and accurate as learning data grows. The bloodline analysis naturally leads the user to upload images of their companion animals. Other pet-related applications receive passive entry of the kind of companion animal when subscribing from the user, while the AnimalGo App uploads voluntarily through the fun element. These accumulated photographic images become learning data for deep learning and allow us to take a good circle that further enhances the accuracy of our analysis.

Analyze health status tracking the defecation of your pet. Whether the texture is hard, thin, dark or bright, it provides information on their health and users can change their feed properly. Or you can take preemptive action, such as looking for an veterinarian. If pet pedigree analysis is only a once-in-a-lifetime element, pet health analysis is a service that depends on the results of your health analysis, you can either recommend suitable feed or introduce a reputable animal hospital.

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