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 Adinkra by Aflé Bijoux 1.0.2

Adinkra is an art of communication.
Adinkra symbols are concepts or aphorisms that encapsulate the philosophy and the wisdom of the Akan people (Côte d'Ivoire/Ghana). Each Adinkra symbol has a meaning and a corresponding proverb and refers to aspects of life or the environment.

Adinkra symbols were originally used to express feelings.They were printed on a cotton cloth that one wore during mourning to communicate his/her feelings or sentiments about the individual who passed away (Adinkra cloth). Today, the Adinkra symbols are used in an array of designs to celebrate one's African identity and pride.

Adinkra symbols were created in the 18th century by Nana Kofi ADINKRA PANIN, King of the Gyaman, an Akan kingdom located in west Africa (present Côte d'Ivoire). After the Asante-Gyaman war of 1818, the technique for producing the Adinkra symbols was transferred to the Asante Kingdom of Ghana. With time, the Asante people have added their own symbols to the initial catalogue of Adinkra symbols to commemorate important moments of their living.

The Adinkra App is the best way to learn about the Akan culture and the Adinkra symbols. It makes the traditional knowledge easily accessible to the public. It brings the Akan knowledge closer to those who would like to learn more about their culture. This App helps them appropriate their own African heritage.

The Adinkra App is a knowledge-based App. It lists 130 adinkra symbols together with their meaning and their corresponding proverb. The information presented in the App has been verified against several academic sources of information. The Adinkra App contributes therefore to the preservation of the Adinkra knowledge.

Finally, the Adinkra App links the adinkra symbols to an exclusive collection of Adinkra jewelry designed by Aflé Bijoux, an afro-german brand which promotes the Akan culture through its fine jewelry since 2010.

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