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 Patient’s Guide to a Procedure 1.9.14

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The App

PatientApps provides remote support globally to procedure patients, their families and caregivers.

Our apps aim to improve health outcomes, make physician-patient interaction more efficient, bring on-screen logistical and navigation help to arrivals, and maybe allow patients to leave the hospital earlier because they now have more easily understood protocols with better compliance.

Our apps contain “common best practices” authored by leading practitioners – almost all of whom are professors at, or graduates of, a prominent Boston medical school. This content is edited by respected Series Editors and Reviewers.

There are many applications focused on patients. Unfortunately, almost all are driven by what providers want to communicate to patients – provider-push. The result is very low patient uptake. Our apps are driven by what patients are interested in - patient-pull.

Patient delivery is via a card containing a QR code and a URL. Either takes the patient directly to the app – on small mobiles to large TVs, computers, every O/S. Launches in minutes.

Patient Benefits
• Patients and their families get the information about procedures, the alternatives, and easy-to-follow protocols both before and after your procedure.
• Less stress as the procedure approaches because patients are better prepared, and aware of the trade-offs. Expectations are honestly delivered, so fewer disappointments.
• Better health outcomes because of easier compliance with post-surgery protocols.
• Better health outcomes = fewer re-admissions.
• Onboard symptom triage: we list many of the symptoms you are likely to encounter, and suggest how you could respond to them. Where necessary, we provide the communications link to your provider.
• Fewer unnecessary office visits, and greater awareness of when you should see your physician.

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