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 Código Infarto 1.6

This application is addressed to all the people that have experienced chest pains and who could be having a myocardial infarction. Our intention is that the user can always have on hand, instantly and anywhere that you might be, a list of hospitals with the capacity to adequately treat
an infarction. Chest pain does no always relate to an infarction, but it’s very important to arrive promptly to an adequate hospital for medical evaluation. Do not wait more than 5 minutes to ask for help. By only pressing the “Activate Código Infarto" button you will be connecting to the ambulance service of the chosen hospital.

Seconds count.
An infarction is usually caused by a clot that obstructs any of the heart arteries. The lack of circulation causes damage to the cardiac muscle fed by the clotted coronary artery. The act of dissolving the clot and enabling the obstructed artery is known as REPERFUSION. This represents the main objective of the treatment after the first few hours after an infarction. Reperfusion treated with medicine, known as FIBRINOLYSIS, is more effective if it’s done at an early stage. It should be realized within the first 30 minutes after the first medical contact. Mechanical reperfusion by means of cardiac catheterism and with the implant of a STENT is known as PRIMARY ANGIOPLASTY and it’s considered the IDEAL THERAPY for infarcts. It should be applied during the first 90 minutes after the first medical contact.

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