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 CEMIT 1.0

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CEMIT (Component Extraction & Motion Integration Test) is a novel, short, and easy visual test that uses a direction discrimination task. We hope it will help us to understand visual performance in the brain and tell us in particular how well observers can extract information about the moving patterns and how they are then perceived. This test allows us to measure individual visual performance at the neuronal level that no eye test or scanning technique could currently access. We hope to use it to help us understand visual deficits possibly associated with a number of clinical populations such as dyslexia, dementia, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as measure performance for screening purposes in occupations where visual information plays a very important role, e.g. drivers, pilots, or air traffic controllers.

Disclaimer: This app is intended for vision & brain researchers who would like to carry out research studies in visual perception using the CEMIT test or users who would like to collect and access their own dataset. The CEMIT test is not a clinically-approved diagnostic test and do not replace regular visits to a vision care specialist. A free LITE version is available for users who would like to participate in our large-scale study as experimental subjects.

This test was designed in laboratory by Dr. Linda Bowns (University of Cambridge, UK) and developed by Dr. William Beaudot (KyberVision, Sendai, Japan) to work on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

*** Full-Featured CEMIT Testing ***

KyberVision's "CEMIT" App features:

- customizable visual stimulus and test
- multiple configurations
- remote control mode (when installed on a secondary iOS device) through WiFi or Bluetooth
- enhanced contrast resolution
- Gamma calibration
- automatic viewing distance monitoring using the front-facing camera
- data & subjects management
- data export through email, PDF, database backup

*** About KyberVision ***

We are a company that provides Consulting, Research and Development services in the field of VISION SCIENCES. We also develop vision-related applications for the iOS and macOS platforms. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter at http://ios.kybervision.com.

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