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 Vedic Healing Mantra 1.0.10

Get relief from 48+ diseases with 48+ Mantras-Mudras. Aartis, GIFs, Videos etc. included.

Vedic Healing Mantra app is the most reliable and scientific library of popular Mantras and Mudras that will help you get relief from several diseases.

It was always known that Mantras (basically sound energy) have a deep connection with health and lately, it’s been proven scientifically. Mantras are powerful tools and each mantra activates a different part of your body. Thus with the right knowledge, you can activate any part of your body and cure illnesses related to it.

What’s more, double up the effect as the app offers mudras with mantras to unlock your chakras and get relief from diseases. The energy present in our hands and fingers can be stimulated to achieve good health. The Yoga postures are based on the rules and guidelines of Ayurveda.

It is important to practice mantras along with mudras for keeping fit and achieving cent percent results from the same.

In Vedic Healing Mantra app, you can go in a trance-like state with several hours of Bhakti Songs, Aartis, Bhajans and lots of spiritual videos from Guruji in one app itself.

This app is immensely beneficial for those seeking wellness, spirituality, meditation and holistic healing.

Find Mantra And Mudra For Good Health & Relief From Diseases

-Good Health
-Stress & Depression
-Blood Pressure
-Digestive Problems
-Deep Sleep
-Long Life
-Brain And Lungs
-Constipation & Gas
-Joint Pain
-Allergy & Infections
-Eye Problems
-TB, Typhoid, Pneumonia
-Anger Management
-Heart & Blood
-Cough & Cold
-Parkinson’s Disease
-Infectious Diseases
-Venereal Diseases
-Skin Problems
-Stammering Or Lisping
-Vascular System
-Oral Health
-Uterine Problems
-Mental Peace
-Night Fall
-Aids & Cancer

Powerful Mudras Included

-Abhaya Mudra
-Ashwini Mudra
-Gyan Mudra
-Surya Mudra
-Vayu Mudra
-Dhyana Mudra
-Agnisar Kriya
-Pran Mudra
-Shunya Mudra
-Shankh Mudra
-Brahma Mudra
-Akash Mudra
-Ling Mudra
-Mahasirs Mudra
-Samaan Mudra
-Sanjeevani Mudra

Subscription Terms and Renewal of Plan
We have currently launched three plans** as mentioned below:

Plan 1: 3 months subscription worth of 749*

Plan 2: 6 months subscription worth of 1499*

Plan 3: 12 months subscription worth of 2499*

Once you select a plan from the available options, you will gain access to the introductory/free trial period of 14 days in which if you don't like the APP you shall have the option to unsubscribe the plan as per the steps shown in the APP. In case you do not unsubscribe during the said Introductory offer, it shall be your deemed consent to continue with the selected plan and the charges shall be deducted from your account accordingly.

*Prices are shown for illustration purposes only. Prices are subject to change as displayed on APP and shall vary for different locations.

In case you fail to unsubscribe within expiry of the plan, the subscription shall automatically renewed as per the plan selected. For illustration, if you select a 3 month plan and if the same is not unsubscribed before expiry of the Plan, your subscription shall be renewed for 3 months again and your account will be debited accordingly. In case the Plan is for 6 months, the auto renewal shall be for 6 months and so on.


Privacy policy link: https://www.vedichealingmantra.com/privacy-policy/
Terms of usage link: https://www.vedichealingmantra.com/terms-and-conditions/

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