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 Imagine All Better 2.2

Stress-Relief-on-Demand App
Breaking repeating emotional and behavioral patterns we all struggle with is easier than you think. There’s no need to wrestle with your personal demons any longer as the Imagine All BetterTM mobile app destroys them once and for all! It’s like a Time Machine where you can go back in time and change whatever bothered you then, so you no longer have to deal with it now, or in the future. Imagine how your life would change for the better by resolving your upsetting issues or problems in only 30 to 40 minutes. By pressing buttons on your smartphone or tablet you can end anyone’s pressing your buttons: bullies, bosses, coaches, teachers, children, parents, siblings, co-workers, etc. And the app is confidential. You never have to mention anywhere on the app what issues and problems you want to address and overcome.
Imagine All Better is a life-changing, “stress-relief-on-demand” mobile app that that taps into an innate intelligence within your imagination that resides in your right brain hemisphere along with your emotions, intuition and unconscious mind. The app uses classical and quantum physics principles designed to identify and permanently remove the sources of your upsetting emotional feelings and unwanted behaviors located in your unconscious mind and replaces them with a sense of contentment, relief, joy, peace of mind free of clutter. This allows you to be in the present, in the now, and see options and choices that your worrisome emotions have blurred and kept you from embracing – no matter how many times nor how hard you’ve tried in the past to overcome them.
The app is a revolutionary breakthrough in the bodymind connection unlike anything else you have ever experienced before. Imagine All Better destigmatizes the struggles that we all have as being part of the human condition, and not mental or psychological in nature – and for which there is a viable and simplistic solution awaiting you. It views the imagination, and not the intellect, as a basis for human consciousness and the source of all our experience. Imagine All Better has the potential to dramatically shift and transform problems that could not be reached by other means. It is unlike anything else in the world. What it does is crazy - crazy awesome! It’s off the chart. It’s so intuitive, it just works. It has been tested on thousands of people of all ages for 25 years. In beta testing it received 90% positive responses.
You can resolve the following with Imagine All Better:
• Anxiety (Fears, negative thoughts, worries about “what if”, what I coulda, shoulda, woulda said or done)
• Blocks to creative processes (Actors, composers, designers, fine artists, musicians, writers and creative people)
• Bugged/Controlled by people who press my buttons (Children, parents, teachers, politicians, coaches, friends, coworkers)
• Bullied/Cyberbullied/Made fun of/ Put down (School, neighborhood, workplace bullies, parents, bosses, relationships, marriages)
• Financial worries
• Health concerns (Upsetting emotional feelings associated with medical symptoms, diagnoses, flus, colds, etc. Unable to do what is in my best interest)
• I’m my worst enemy/I sabotage myself
• Insecurities/Confidence issues
• Making the same mistakes/bad choices I swore I’d never make again
• No matter what I do, it’s never good enough/Always disappointing others
• Parenting skills (Worried about being a good parent)
• Relationship problems (Always finding losers, bad breakups, bad relationships, betrayed)
• School issues (Test anxiety, social standing, bored, underachieving, “lazy”)
• Sports performance (Overthinking, anxiety, mad at myself, second guessing, down/depressed, body tension, physiological discomfort)
• Stress (Acute, chronic)
• Workplace interactions (Job insecurity, lack of motivation, fear of asking for a raise, anxiety about making presentations, hate cold calling, annoying coworkers)
Go to www.ImagineAllBetter.com for more detailed information.

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