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 Ice - Your Body Belongs to You 2.0.2

This 3Dme Community Health Education App explains the symptoms and consequences that the drug commonly known as ICE or crystal meth, has on the human body. A 9 minute video with captivating 3D animations, voiceover & graphics takes the viewer inside the human body to show how this drug is typically consumed, and what the physiological & psychological effects are. Consumption routes are intravenous, snorting, smoking or swallowing.

We take a look inside the human body to demonstrate where the adrenal glands are, which release adrenalin. We also journey inside the brain where the chemicals serotonin & dopamine are released. The combination of the release of adrenalin, serotonin & dopamine gives users a high, however what goes up must come down. The sequence of events after consuming this drug include Rush, High, Binge, Tweaking, Crash then Withdrawal. Each event poses a physical & psychological threat to the user & the people around them, which is also presented.

The presentation style is intended to be non-didactic, whilst also informing the viewer about the dangers of meth. This information will equip the viewer with a general understanding of why someone taking crystal meth behaves the way they do. Whilst our intention is to inform & educate young people, parents, teachers & health professionals about the dangers of crystal meth, we believe this information is also helpful to people who may have taken the drug & are trying to understand why they feel the way they do. Additionally, there is a question and answer section which the viewer can use to test their knowledge of this topic.

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