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 Eigen Fit 1.0.2

The easiest-to-use free workout platform for tracking, analyzing and improving your gym workouts. EigenFit's platform provides you with the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals, and put your health and fitness back into your own hands.

Start by choosing from hundreds of exercises, designed by Eigen Fitness' in-house Trainer Team. Build your personal fitness schedule by adding workouts, each built around your fitness goals. Then start a workout to begin tracking your performance, set by set, monitoring the stats that matter most: rest time, weight, power output and more. Best of all, it is free to download and get started today.

The EigenFit Node
Working out the right way has never been easier. With a set of EigenFit's Nodes, small wearable devices equipped with high-accuracy 3D motion analysis technology, you can monitor your every move at the gym. The EigenFit Nodes connect to your iPhone over Bluetooth, which provides you with real-time feedback on your exercise from, and alerts when you're at risk of injuring yourself. Connecting to the Nodes also allows for automatic set-tracking, providing you with important stats like range of motion, output power, and form correctness.

Use Eigen Fitness to:
• Monitor your rep-by-rep form accuracy and receive alerts when you're at risk of injury*
• Learn the basics of weightlifting, whether your fitness goal is power lifting, competitive bodybuilding, or improving your overall health
• Discover hundreds of exercises created by Eigen Fitness' in-house Trainer Team
• Maximize your workout performance with real-time feedback on your power output, range of motion, and rest time*
• Watch your fitness level increase over time as your strength, cardio and overall performance improves
• Connect to your EigenFit Nodes for all the great features the Eigen Fitness iPhone App has to offer

* Some of these features requires the EigenFit Nodes. Note that these are not required to use the app; you can download today and get started tracking workouts before you get your set of EigenFit Nodes!

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