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 HypnoConfidence Hypnosis 2.4

Light up any room with relaxed confidence. Get to the root of old beliefs that keep you from excelling. Hypnosis for confidence can help take away those blocks that stop you from dating, getting a promotion at work. Confidence can open new opportunities to follow your dreams.

Do you wish you could control stress and anxiety better? You may have tried other mindfulness meditation apps or hypnosis that just didn't help create long-lasting meaningful change?

This app and its contents are written and delivered by the real hypnotherapists..we can guarantee your Hypno/meditation experience because we are so hands-on in the process. We have used our clinical hypnotherapy experience and put them into this app so that you can find instant relaxation, super self-esteem, and positive self-beliefs.

You can mix and match your favorite programs with our playlist options. You might choose hypnosis to be assertive in one session and mix it with meditation for fear of public speaking.

This app is packed with great features to assist and encourage you to have a great life and achieve your dreams.

Ray wrote:
All I can say is BRAVO!!! I love listening to a woman's voice it calms me. I'm more comfortable and not on the defense....
Love it!!!

Tried this app thinking I'd get some results after a week or two; however, the very next day I completely noticed a difference in my confidence throughout the day. I couldn't believe it actually worked!!, and yes I purchased more and yes they are working too. I listen to one EVERY night.

Benefits include:
- Increase confidence
- Comfort around new people and crowds
- Empowering self-beliefs
- Inner strength
- Deep relaxation
- Better sleep

Do you feel on the outside looking in?
Do you struggle with social anxiety?
Are you procrastinating on projects or chores?
Do you have negative thoughts about yourself?
Maybe you just don't feel like yourself lately?

All of these problems and more can be effectively improved or cured with this new app.

This app features:

* Soothing, therapeutic hypnotherapy tracks designed by Rachael Meddows
* High quality, state of the art recordings
* Playlist feature you can customize with in-app purchases
* Optional hypnosis instructions
* Your choice of a short, long or sleep induction
* Your choice eight different soothing background animations and sounds to enhance your hypnosis experience
* Customizable wake or sleep endings

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Rachaels Hypnosis & Mediation apps have featured in:
*Yahoo Entertainment
*Harpers Bazaar
* App Groove
* University of Massachusetts Medical School suggested apps for depression
* Recommended by Partners with disabilities

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