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 What Did You Say Banner & manual marquee scroller 1.3

What Did You Say? - is a banner application that allows you to show simply messages. It even has a marquee scroller feature, manual mind you if you scroll across.

** YOU CAN ALSO DICTATE A MESSAGE, click on the record button **

It is great for communicating with friends, giving directions or just to tell everyone to keep QUIET! It reminds people of those marquee cinemas signs of old.

There is no fancy led scroller displays that you can spend hours adjusting because when you want to show a message, you want to show it fast!!.

It is very easy to use, you :

1. Tap on the screen to type a message using the standard editing features.
2. Pinch with two fingers or keep one finger still and move the other (recommended) to increase or reduce the font size.

If the message is to big for your screen, you can scroll.

You can use it to:
- Order drinks in crowded bars.
- Show your feelings of the opposite team during a football match.
- Allow people to follow the chorus at the local clubs,
- Communicate with your wife or husband when you are in the dog house.
- Tell your colleagues how bored you are during a meeting.
- Greet passengers at the airport.
- As the headline in a ticker tape parade.
- Playing say what I type when in a meeting.
- Type the words to led Zeppelin whilst they are in concert.

See us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/What-did-you-say-banner-1663560350602534

This app is available on the IPhone and the IPad.

** Enjoy **

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