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 OrigamiDraw 2.1

For advanced origami folders, Origami Draw brings an unparalleled level of comfort to Crease Pattern (CP) design. On your couch —or anywhere inspiration strikes you— draw your CP as you would fold your paper, intuitively, easily, fast.

With Origami Draw, you can:
- Perform all folds possible with the 7 Huzita-Hatori/Justin axioms
- Divide segments and angles in any number between 2 and 8
- Compose with building blocks from rabbit ear to frog base
- Propagate new folds across existing ones, alternating mountain and valley folds (or not)
- Instantly find the missing fold to flatten the paper around a node
- Find and retain all references needed to replicate your model exactly
- Verify the flat-foldability of your base, with clear indications if anything is missing
- See an X-ray image of your folded model
- Keep all your CPs in one place
- Create different versions as your design evolves or to show a folding sequence
- E-mail your CP to your desktop computer as an Oripa, PNG, JPG, and/or SVG file

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