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 Oracle Board - Magic Prophecy 1.1.1

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Based on an original idea, using a new method, Oracle Board is a magical prediction app.

It allows the magician / mentalist to predict one or more randomly selected numbers, presented with an engaging story line, related to one of the available themes.

Important features:

- Predict any number(s) from 1 to 20
- Predict the color of each number (Neon theme)
- Hands off performance, spectator has full control of the app
- Quick reset
- No assistant required
- Encore feature repeats the same or different result without resetting

One possible presentation…

Oracle Board is presented as a wooden plaque with the numbers 1 through 20 carved into a 4 x 5 grid pattern of circular “windows”. Along the bottom edge of the plaque are three buttons used to change the position, hide, or reset the numbers. Each button is inscribed with its own special symbol.

The magician / mentalist explains that the symbol on the right causes the numbers to randomly change positions within the matrix of windows. The center symbol acts as a toggle that either hides, or reveals the numbers. Finally, the left most symbol resets the numbers to their original positions. In addition, when any number is touched, the window background changes color and texture to indicate that it has been selected.

An envelope is placed on the table in full view and Oracle Board is handed to an audience member who is instructed to do the following:
- Mix the numbers as many times as desired.
- Choose any four windows initially.
- Hide the numbers and mix again.
- Change the selected windows if desired.
- And finally, reveal the numbers once again.

The spectator opens the envelope and removes a paper with a list of numbers. They are an exact match to those seen in the selected windows and are listed in the exact order as well.

The presentation may be immediately repeated with a different outcome!

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