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 MCP Mayan Tzolkin Lite 2.47.2

“MCP Mayan Tzolk’in Lite” is the free, basic version of the award-winning “MCP Mayan Tzolk’in,” the official mobile app of the Mayan Calendar Portal and the companion app to the popular book "The Serpent and the Jaguar."

This app follows the sacred traditional count of the Kiche Maya, and is in no way related to the "Dreamspell" or "13-moon" calendar, invented in the 20th century.

This “lite” version helps you understand the nature and meaning of the Tzolk’in’s essential building blocks—the 20 day signs and the 13 numbers, which, when paired together in all of their combinations, generate the 260 "energies" of the Tzolk’in. This app also presents the 13 deities associated with the numbers, a Gregorian-to-Mayan date calculator, and an explanatory text about the Tzolk’in calendar.

You can now take the Tzolk’in with you wherever you go, without having to log in anywhere. The app works with or without an Internet connection, in wi-fi hot spots or in airplane mode.

While other Mayan Calendar apps take their day sign and number descriptions from various non-Maya sources, the descriptions in this app are based on authentic interpretations and practices that have been made available to us by the Maya of the Guatemalan highlands and scholars with long years of experience living and working with the Maya.

If you like this Lite version, we highly recommend the Full version, called “MCP Mayan Tzolk’in”. It gives you everything the Lite version has, plus the readings of all 260 Energies of the Day.

MCP Mayan Tzolk’in Lite features:

• The well-known Mayan Calendar Portal Tzolk’in calendar rings, in full dynamic, interactive mode

• Explanation of the nature, meaning and purpose of the sacred Tzolk’in, including listings of the Tzolk’in’s 20 daysigns and 13 numbers in both Yucatec and K’iche’ Maya

• A calculator to convert Gregorian (Western) dates into Tzolk’in dates

• Full descriptions of the 20 sacred Tzolk’in daysigns and the 13 numbers, based on the traditions of the Maya of Guatemala

• Full descriptions of the 13 deities associated with the thirteen numbers

Since ancient times, the Maya have used the 260-day Tzolkin as their personal astrological calendar. Incredibly accurate regardless of culture, race, gender, faith, or ethnicity, the Tzolkin remains, to this day, profoundly relevant to the human experience—including our modern lives and lifestyles.

Unlike the now-defunct Long Count calendar whose latest cycle ended on 12.21.2012, and whose original usage and meaning has been completely overrun by popular notions of doomsday scenarios, the sacred Tzolk’in is a deeply personal astrological calendar.

The Mayan Calendar Portal and all of its properties, including the MCP Mayan Tzolkin mobile applications, are produced by LUCITÀ Inc.

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