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 キラリとザンブ Part1 1.0

App Summary

Kirari and Zanbu - Part 1

Kirari and Zanbu is an electronic picture book app produced in Japan that’s based on an original fantasy story from Canada. It combines dynamic high-quality artwork, multiple languages, music, and special effects to teach and cultivate humanity and sensibilities in children. It also helps develop language learning skills and an appreciation for the natural environment.

Your child will naturally understand the meanings and emotions behind the words while listening to the story richly expressed by native speakers in the different languages. Your child can also record his or her own voice in any language to recite lines spoken by the main characters in this dynamic and charming story!

Kirari and Zanbu offers an immersive story experience with a heightened sense of reality and depth through stereoscopic reproduction of various sights and sounds found in nature. Let your child explore and enjoy this world!

The scenes in each chapter are constructed so that the meanings and emotions behind the words in each language, enhanced by beautiful piano and violin background music, are naturally absorbed by your child through repeated watching and listening.

Basic app operations:

You can select your preferred languages for both spoken words and text (subtitles).
For example, you can freely combine options such as reading English subtitles while listening to the story in Japanese.
You can set the story to play in manual mode (where you control the forward, backward and repeat playing of each scene) or auto mode (where the story plays from start to finish, with the option to replay from the start).
If you pre-record lines in your own or another’s voice, you can optionally play the story in recorded voice mode. You will then hear that voice instead of the default native speakers’ voices.
You can individually adjust the playback volumes of the background music, spoken language, and sound effects.

You can record your favorite lines from the main characters in your own voice.
If you select “recorded mode” in the settings, you can then hear your own voice recordings for those parts of the story. Or children can listen to the main characters’ lines as recorded in their father’s or mother’s voice.
You can change the recorded audio any time, so all members of your family can enjoy recording the lines for each main character in their own voices.

Story Overview

Part 1:
The Sun Goddess “Kirari” travels through the sky all over the world, bringing light and hope to all living things. One day, she spies a huge creature climbing a tall, steep mountain. This is the Water Demon “Zanbu,” who causes storms on land and sea. Zanbu shouldn’t risk his life to climb to the top of a mountain that has no water, but all he can think about is his desire to meet the Sun Goddess. Zanbu is weakened when he finally reaches the mountain summit. Here, for the first time, he sees Kirari, whose beauty is beyond imagination. Although filled with joy upon hearing her voice, Zanbu loses consciousness and plummets from the top of the mountain down to the sea. After that day, Kirari can’t forget the sight of Zanbu’s beautiful, deep blue eyes. All she can think about is how to meet Zanbu again. However, as the Sun Goddess, Kirari can never descend below the clouds. Aware of this situation, the moon and a group of brave stars take pity on Kirari and Zanbu and make plans to perform a miracle for these two.

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