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 Epic Quest - Treasure Hunt 1.1

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For everyone who is tired of small talk at parties, for anybody that despises awkward ice-breaker activities, and for anyone who ever wanted to introduce themselves to others but didn’t know how, Epic Quest Games is here to put the fun back into creating connection, cooperation, and competition within the spaces where you live, work, and play.

What is an Epic Quest?

Epic Quest serves to reinvigorate group interaction and team-building environments by utilizing game elements in order to remind you that life is an adventure, and learning should be fun! Whether it’s learning about your new workplace or school environment, gaining knowledge about the necessary professional and life skills to be more productive, or just getting to know the people around you and how to connect with them, you can create a mission to achieve those goals in an engaging and innovative way.
You can create your own treasure hunt-style quest, challenging players to stay creative and engaged. Customize your game for your intended purpose, whether that be:
- Employee Onboarding
- Student Orientation
- Corporate Gatherings
- Promotional/Fundraising Events
- Team-Building Challenges
- Bachelorette/Stag Parties
- Any time you want people to connect, learn from one another, and create an amazing experience together!
How does it work?
Why should you #ChangeTheGame?
In this digital era, technology has brought the world to our fingertips. However, it’s also made the world seem very big and it’s easy to get lost and feel so insignificant. But here at Epic Quest Games, we want to give you back your control over your life and your learning with an app made to fit your exact needs in order to achieve your goals. In order ensure this app fits your individualized purpose, we designed Epic Quest Games using research on gamification, or the use of game elements such as storylines, competitive challenges, and rewards in order to keep the player engaged and stimulate learning and the accomplishment of real-life goals. Using our geo-location technology along with this learning-oriented game design, these customized missions provide you with the key to maximizing your cognitive flexibility, productivity, and creativity: putting the fun back into learning.
Are you ready to be inspired? Change the game and make every day an adventure!

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