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 counters VS terrorists 1.0

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simple point and shoot game...

but you actually have to be steady in the real world so your aim will be steady, you gotta be fast and responsive in the real world (not just your fingers) so you can beat your enemies

so an AR-LB-MMO game (Augmented Reality - Location Based - Masive Multiplayer Online game)

innovative gameplay which takes the shooter games into the mobile world as it should: with P2P, AUGMENTED REALITY, LOCATION and REALTIME BATTLE NOTIFICATIONS for the most multiplayer interaction.

- the entire earth is the virtual map, the playground, and for example players from other continents will be very small to hit...
- no upgrades and stuff to drown into, just pure action and cool gameplay
- you are never off the game, as your character remains dormant on the map when you close the app and other nearby players can shoot you and get notified* to go into game into battle where and when the action is

this is the real deal, your game in the real world... you have to be steady and not press SHIFT or some button on the screen, you gotta turn around and not press ASDW or swipe the screen, you gotta hold your phone up and not rest your arms on the keyboard or in your lap holding the phone

30 minutes of playing is a very challenging workout (holding the arms up is not as easy when we are talking about continuous more than 5 minutes)

get premium gameplay (no ads) just by bringing 3 facebook friends into the battle (they need to also to facebook connect in the game)

best gameplay is outside in open areas where the soldiers seams to stand on the ground, indoors or closed in buidings, you'll see the enemies through the walls


*if you didn't disabale notifications from your phone's settings

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