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 Animal Coloring Pages - Coloring book with animals 1.4

Animal Coloring Pages is a game where you will find the best animal’s pictures drawings so you can color them from your smartphone or tablet.
The app is about one of the most entertaining games for animals, like horse coloring pages or dog coloring pages, that you can get installed. In this game, you will have to pick an animal drawing to paint and color it however you like. If you´re looking for animals coloring games for kids, stop your search! Now you have found one of most funny iOS games.
How can I play Animal Coloring Pages?
To enjoy this coloring book game you will have to follow these simple steps:
1. Download and install the game.
2. Choose the animal you want to color.
3. Pick your favorite color and start coloring.

4. Once the drawing is colored, you will be able to save it and show it to your friends, or even better, you will be able to share it in your social media profiles, send by email...

What kind of animals am I able to color?
We have tried to gather the most we can so you can color all of the animal pictures you want. Now we´ll show you some clear examples of animals you can draw:
- Farm animals: drawings of horses, cows, pigs, sheep...
- Animals and pets: cats drawings, drawings of dogs, birds and some other pets.
- Jungle animals and exotic: monkeys, apes, gorillas, crocodiles, lions, elephants, tigers, snakes, hippos and many more.
- Animals of the Forest: you'll find, for example, bears, foxes, wolves, centipedes, butterfly coloring pages, etc.
- Aquatic or sea animals: dolphins, sharks, whales, fish, octopus, seahorses, etc.
- Drawings of Dinosaurs: In next updates, we want to include dinosaurs so you can also color them. We also want to include mythical creatures like dragons and fairies.

What can you do with this game?
Main features:
* You will find a lot of colors to pick so you can be able to color these animals coloring pages with all the colors you want.
* Just in case you get wrong, don’t worry, you can use the eraser to clear the painting.
* Once you´re done, you can share your creations with your friends and family. This app lets you share these images via social media links. Also you will be able to send your drawings using other messaging Apps. And finally, you can share them via SMS or email if you want.
* If you want to save your animal colored drawings you can also do it in order to be available on your phone or tablet whenever you want.
* We want to keep constantly updating this application, adding new Animals coloring pages so you or your children may have new pictures to color.
We hope you, or your child, have liked this coloring game. In that case, I appreciate your positive votes with the highest possible score for the game, so that we can continue updating and improving the app. The positive feedback and improvement ideas give us encouragement to keep improving this game for kids.
Disclaimer: All images and designs found in this game are the property of Reticode, which is commercially prohibited the use of any image that is in this program without prior consent of Reticode.

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