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 Grade 1 Math & Science 4

Most comprehensive study material for Grade 1 Math & Science. Maths topics covered are:
- Basic shapes
- Count ladybugs
- Add ladybugs
- Addition facts 1 to 10
- Additions
- Subtraction
- Even & Odd
- Next and previous number
- Greater and lesser numbers
- Adding 3 numbers
- double the number
- half of the number
- Hour Clock
- 1 Digit Number Name
- Pattern
- Tens
- 2 Digit Number Name
- Tens And Ones
- Order In Addition
- Addition based on story
- Subtraction based on story

Science topics covered are:

- Plants
- Fruits and vegetables
- Seeds
- Animals
- Food and Shelter
- Air and Water
- Stars
- Material
- Human body

** If you would like to cover any additional topics, please send an email to support@iquestionbanks.com with your feedback. We will try our best to cover that topic in the next upgrade. ***

Other positive points:
- No distracting animations
- Focus is on testing but students also end up learning from their mistakes
- Turn sound on / off from settings
- Pause after every questions by changing iPhone settings
- Confusing options to ensure student has really understood the topic
- Drag and drop to fill in the blanks (iPad)
- Tap check button to see the results
- Tap trash button to clean any page and practice again

There is no shortcut to teaching and spending quality time with kids/students. We request you to observe your kids/students while they try to answer questions presented in iQuestionBanks. Help them where needed. Once you are confident that they have understood all concepts - encourage them to practice using iQuestionBanks every day till perfect score becomes a norm.

iQuestionBanks Maths Grade 1 contains objective questions. We are proud about the carefully selected questions on various topics. At the end of every test you will get clear picture about student's understanding of the topic. Negative marking is introduced to ensure that student gets the answer right in very first try - and avoid any casual clicks.

This question bank helps students to get their basics right. They can build further expertise once they gain more confidence in getting perfect score in basic Maths.
Practice is the key to score good marks in any subject. Once parents or teachers are confident that student has understood the topic - they should encourage student to try out this question bank.

Student may not be making mistake just because of one question. It is that huge list of questions which makes him loose focus and start making mistakes. That's why we should encourage her to keep trying this test until perfect score becomes a norm. Make sure not to skip any questions as they might appear in the exam they are preparing for.

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