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VocabNote is a vocabulary notebook for English learner who want to boost vocabulary by searching, collecting and organizing words in their daily lives.


Saving and categorizing new words in different notebooks for further study plan is an excellent way to learn vocabulary:
• Input word, and search its meaning by clicking plus button on the right bottom.
• After searching the meaning, save it in default “Inbox” notebook.
• Categorize words from “Inbox” notebook into different customized notebooks.
• All notebooks are re-orderable in the concise layout by long pressing notebook.

Every entry in word list could be used as a flashcard, which is a great design to memorize a bunch of words:
• Single clicking each entry in word list could flip to the word’s meaning.
• Customize front side and back side of each entry to show different content of the word.
• Definition, example, property(Etc. noun,verb), IPA(pronunciation), headword could be separately shown in front side and back side.

Updating word list during different learning progress help you focus on most difficult words:
• Right swiping entry would temporarily disappear it in current notebook, and appear when enter the notebook next time.
• Left swiping entry and clicking check mark would save the word into “Complete" notebook.
• Sequence list by created time and capital.
• Flip button could flip back side of whole list.

Yes, you can also use it as a dictionary , because Vocabnote provide two kinds of dictionaries to meet different needs:
• Offline dictionary, Lexicontext contains the complete WordNet dictionary which includes more than 150,000 English word definitions. Search words quickly and precisely without Internet connection!
• Online dictionary, Pearson contains Longman Dictionary of contemporary English(5th edition),which also include IPA.
• Both dictionaries contain plenty of definition, examples.


If you feel great about VocabNote, or want to communicate with us, please rate and comment in Appstore. we will reply your comment as soon as we can in Appstore.
If you find a bug ,or want to raise improvement about Vocabnote, welcome to send us e-mail in Vocabnote settings. you can also visit our website,http://www.geenis.com to get more support.
We appreciate and treat seriously every feedback from you.


In order to make it as the best vocabulary learning app in the word, We are planning to add more functions into tool step by step. Getting a bunch of word from iCloud drive is one of the up-coming functions we are planning to develop soon, therefore we do hope your great ideas to improve Vocabnote! Please contact us via above ways.

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