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 Super Speller 6.0.1

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Who says spelling can't be all fun and games? Super Speller includes games like word search, word scramble, an AR block hunt game, and our new matching game, all based on the words you choose. Our games make studying fun and improve spelling at the same time. After playing, use Super Speller to take tests and track progress.

- Features -
• Our new matching game featuring playful flash cards that cheer you on as you match each word.
• Block Hunt AR game where alphabet blocks fall around you in the real world.
• Word Search and Scramble Puzzles created from your weekly spelling words. Each is generated randomly so you're virtually assured of getting a different puzzle each time.
• Practice tests with instant feedback from a fun character that watches as each word is spelled. Spell it correctly and his smile gets bigger. Misspell a letter and he becomes concerned. Misspell a lot and, well, let's just say the poor guy can get very distraught when it comes to badly misspelled words.
• Additional features like themes, a fun celebration event with balloons you can toss around or pop, dictionary access to improve vocabulary tests and/or spelling bee prep, test sharing, test timer, word shuffle, diacritical support, VoiceOver support, and more.

- Our Story -
Each week children all over the world bring home a list of words to study for their weekly spelling / vocabulary tests at school. Studying for these tests can be ineffective, frustrating and, let's face it, boring for both kids and parents. Super Speller was created to solve all of these problems.

Our app was designed, from the beginning, to address the needs of real kids studying for tests that they are graded on at school. You see, our own son struggled with spelling and though we practiced with him often, he was easily frustrated with these study sessions. And though we did our best to patiently work with him, it could be trying for us as well. There had to be a better way. That's when we had the idea for Super Speller.

Super Speller was truly a family project. Our goal was to create an app that made studying easy and fun. As the app grew, our son was able to tell us what did and didn't work, what was confusing, and what made him smile. And we were able to add the things we needed, as parents, to make sure he was making progress and studying each week. We even included friends and neighbors by adding the ability to share spelling tests with one another. We knew we were on to something when one of our friends remarked "you know it's a good app when your kid brings you the iPad and asks 'Mom, can you please make me another spelling test?'". And our son? Since using Super Speller he has scored a 100 or better on every single test at school. It's made such a difference that even his teacher contacted us to find out what he's been doing differently!

- How it works -
1. Your child brings home their spelling / vocabulary words from school.
2. You or your child add the words to Super Speller and record the word and a short sentence if you like.
3. Your child can then study those words in several ways and, when they're ready, take a test.
4. Parents can check the results of each test and identify words that might require a little extra help.
5. Your child takes the real test at school, gets good grades, grows up to be a doctor and buys you nice things!*
* Okay we can't promise the doctor thing or buying of nice things

- Distinctions -
• Featured by Apple in Education New and Noteworthy •
• Certified family-friendly by Moms With Apps •
• Nominee for Best Elementary Student App in the Best App Ever Awards •

- Privacy Disclosure -
Quiet Spark recognizes the importance of providing an education environment you can trust. We do not collect any personal data, include any advertising or in-app purchases, send notifications, or track location. We do include an email / web link to contact support. For detailed information visit: http://www.quietspark.com/superspeller/privacy/

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