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 School Edition: Think!Think! 3.18.6

Think!Think! School Edition - the award-winning critical thinking app Think!Think! now made easier to use in the classroom!
- The app is an institutional product, not for individual consumers
- A User ID and Password are needed to use the app
- Please contact through Wonder Lab’s homepage for information

◆What is ‘Think!Think! for Schools’?

Think!Think! for Schools is a special version of the Think!Think! app adapted specifically to help schools and other educational institutions improve the learning experiences of their young students:
- No restrictions on the number of plays and levels and making it easy for a whole class to play.
- A Teacher’s Dashboard to keep track of students’ scores and play history.

◆What is ‘Think!Think!’?

Think!Think! is an educational app which utilises graphs, mazes, and other puzzles to both entertain young players and develop their critical thinking skills. It contains over 100 mini-games with over 15,000 questions.
It focuses on 5 categories of critical thinking skills:
Spatial Awareness, Shape Comprehension, Trial and Error, Logic, Numbers and Calculation.

All the mini games on Think!Think! are 3 minutes long - meaning teachers have the freedom to tailor the length of the length of the Think!Think! experience as needed. Moreover the app responds to the pace at which each individual student answers questions within each game by tailoring the game difficulty accordingly.

The app is designed by a team of educational research experts who also design content for the Japan Math Olympics and Global Math Challenge. We’ve utilised the knowhow and experience gained from teaching at our Hanamaru Private Tutoring Schools in Japan to create a learning tool that both fosters students’ motivation to learn and their capacity for natural, independent thinking.

Think!Think! has been successfully introduced to classrooms both in and outside of Japan, in collaboration with public educational authorities, and has received a lot of positive media attention as a result.

◆The Think!Think! Mission Statement

Think!Think! is designed to, above all else, teach children to learn to love learning- by creating opportunities for them to experience success and to solve problems with complete independence- so that they eventually come to crave that ‘a-hah! I got it!’ feeling in their day to day lives.

Think!Think! isn’t just about completing puzzles, it’s about training players to see and understand much more about the world around them, showing them how to imagine the deeper meaning and broader connections in the information they receive - giving their train of thought and their self-confidence a turbo-boost!

◆Using Think!Think!

After signing up, you will be issued a Student ID and Password
Download the App from the App Store
Start the App and enter the Student ID and Password
You will be able to play any game on Think!Think! at any level

◆Privacy Policy

To improve our product and service, Think!Think! collects usage data from students. Student scores and progress will also be visible from the Teacher’s Dashboard. However, this data does not include any private or personally identifiable information. Moreover, students’ usage data will not be shared with any third parties under any circumstances whatsoever. An Administrator ID and Password necessary to access the Teacher’s Dashboard will be issued to every institution purchasing Think!Think! for Schools.


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