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 Save the Animals: Coding Game 1.0.19

Learn coding in a fun and easy way! No matter how much coding experience you have, you will be able to enjoy and learn real programming logic with our game!

Save the Animals is an all-ages friendly coding puzzles game; aiming to introduce basic sequential and procedural programming logic to everyone. It helps players to learn the essence of coding. By ordering a set of commands such as jump, run, and climb, players will be able to solve different challenging puzzles and save the animals!

It covers fundamental programming concepts like:
Iterative Loops
Recursive Loops


Apart from the coding knowledge, kids can also get to understand more about different endangered species, including Tamarin, Elephant, Capybara… and more. Players can experience the Rainforest and Savannah habitats and raise their awareness of environmental conservation and planetary stewardship.


Key features:
14 levels with 68 unique puzzles
55 stars to collect
Unique platforming-programming hybrid gameplay
Achievements and progress review
Knowledge about endangered species
Aligned with US CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards and UK computing programmes of study: keys stage level 1 to 3
Support English and Traditional Chinese


"When you learn through coding, coding to learn. You're learning it in a meaningful context, and that's the best way of learning things.”
- Mitchel Resnick

Coding, Computer Science, is the new literacy. Save the Animals can be used at home for children to learn programmer’s logic as well as improve their Computational Thinking skill and problem-solving skill. Coding is becoming an essential skill for everyone, just as important as reading and writing!


Here is a chance for you to save the endangered species with your programming skills!
Download Save the Animals now to enjoy the fun of computer programming!


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