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 Learn Economics - Study Help 1.0

This app, Learn Economics - Study Help is a self-learning course with :

- Lessons written in a simple language;
- Videos- Relevant and informative - curated from YouTube ;
- Illustrations and Clarifications;
- Quizzes and Glossaries.

Learn Economics Study Help is based on the course material - prepared by the experienced teachers at OpenStax.

The study material, that is used in major universities across the world, is now being presented to students in the form of a self-study app, to help them study anytime, anywhere.

The Economics course contains topics such as:

• Microeconomics and Macroeconomics,
• Choice in a World of Scarcity,
• Demand and Supply,
• Labor and Financial Markets,
• Elasticity,
• Perfect Competition,
• Positive Externalities and Public Goods,
• Financial Markets etc.

The course - Learn Economics - is structured in such a way as to cover all the topics that are required for beginners as well as for more advanced students and thereby provide a solid foundation in Economics to help them ace college exams and major field tests.

Since the complete syllabus is covered with lessons, review questions and videos, students can use this app as a reference tool for getting clarity in concepts and also for last minute revision before exams.

This course will be useful for Middle School & High School Students as well as College Students for doing well in unit tests and exams. Can also be used as independent study tool by self-learners.

Attribution: OpenStax College, Economics. OpenStax CNX | Download for free at http://cnx.org/contents/69619d2b-68f0-44b0-b074-a9b2bf90b2c6@11.345.

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