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 I Can Articulate 8.0.0

If you are looking for a little help on some features, please visit our You Tube channel.


Speech Sample allows a therapist to transcribe a student's recorded speech sample, select target sound(s) and position(s), and it will automatically match with our dictionary of nearly 400,000 sound and position combinations. If a target word does not match, simply touch the word and it is now available for assessment. The student's Speech Sample is now ready to be graded.

Watch our You Tube video demoing the new Speech Sample feature - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fxg0d5Fqq4I

- Speech Sample is included with the Full Sound Set.
- Speech Sample is available for purchase to those who have purchased individual sounds.
- Note: The Speech Sample activity will not function beyond the included k sound without purchasing individual sounds and Speech Sample activity or the Full Sound Set.

I Can Articulate is a fully integrated articulation application designed to support a school aged child to adult through the development and generalization of speech sounds.
I Can Articulate encourages sound production and self-assessment skills at word, sentence, and story level.

The target sounds are broken down by Initial, Medial, Final, and Any sound placement within the Flashcards, sentences, and stories. Sounds currently available: B, CH, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, SH, T, TH, V, Y, Z, L Blends, R Blends, S Blends, and Multi-letter blends.
The K sound is included in the free application, with additional sounds being available through In-App Purchase.

Approximately 2500 high quality photo image flash cards spread across 46 sounds.
Over 1800 unique sentences covering the 46 sounds. With at least 10 sentences per sound and position, and many sounds with 20 or more sentences per position.
Over 220 unique stories covering the 46 sounds. Including at least 2 stories per sound and position.

The student records his/her own sound production at each level (words, sentences, stories) and can play it back for immediate self-assessment. All session activities are graded by the instructor immediately or can be stored and reviewed at a later time. During session review of sentences and stories, inline grading is provided, encouraging easy evaluation. A Check mark or X mark is situated next to the target sound as it appears within the context of the sentence or story.

Once the session has been graded, the instructor's and student’s results are stored for immediate or later evaluation. At the end of each session, the instructor is offered the option to present the results to the student in an easy-to-read, visually appealing graph. Bar graphs offer a clear visual comparison of student and instructor scores to encourage student accuracy.

The easy-to-read, advanced graphical reporting is fully configurable by date range, sound, and word position for each student. I Can Articulate uses line graphs to document student progress over time, drill-down bar graphs to show comparison of instructor and student grading, and finally a table report of the targeted sounds with recording playback of the word, sentence, or story.

"Full Sound Set" purchase includes activities: words, sentences, and stories across all available sounds - B, CH, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, SH, T, TH, V, Y, Z, L Blends, R Blends, S Blends, and Multi-letter blends

Individual sound purchases include the activities: words, sentences, and stories for the purchased sound.

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