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Why there is a need for a Learning Center?
Parents lack the time and knowledge to share information with their children about their heritage.
Children are becoming agitated by becoming addictive to the electrical devices (electronic games).
To give good direction to their constructive creativity, and to generate consciousness of humanity and social values within them.
New generation can be motivated and encouraged to serve the country (Canada) and the nation.
To spread the wisdom of Gurbani and Sikh heritage in every house of the Sikh Community.

Preview of the syllabus
Academic syllabus will be taught to inspire a higher level of living in new generation through Gurbani teachings and Sikh heritage.
Through the Gurbani’s daily life-related teachings, children will be inspired to be obedient to their parents and to lead an ideal life.
Special Gur Gyan Workshops, Dialogues, Motivational Talk Shows and Special Slide Show Programs will be organized for parents and young people to become new peers.
By creating teams of children, youth and parents, Satsang programs will be organized to go home from home to teach the meaning of hukamnamas, inspire to do Sehaj Paath on your own, and to share knowledge of Sikh Rehat Maryada (Sikh code of conduct) in order to raise awareness of karm-kandas. The Gur Gyan revolutionary wave will be created in every home by launching the programs of Simran, Katha and Kirtan.

Come on! Become a member of the "Gur Gyan Family" to unitedly fill our children with the love of Gurbani heritage

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