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 Fi Zilal al-Quran 2.3

Mahad al-Zahra has produced a series of books and multimedia productions under the umbrella of Fi Zilal al-Quran to help children develop the necessary skills and attitude to memorize and recite al-Quran.

Fi Zilal al-Quran is an app developed to be both entertaining and educational. It helps children from the ages of four to fourteen learn the letters of the Arabic alphabet and the names of animals and other things mentioned in al-Quran al-Majeed. Names for all these things found in the Quran are provided in Arabic as well as English and are accompanied by illustrations and aayaah (verses) from the Quran.

You can interact with the app by choosing the animal from the strip below and viewing the same.

*By clicking on the picture you will learn animals' names in Arabic.
*By clicking on Al-Quran al-Majeed pic at top-left, you will learn the aayaah in which the visual animal is mentioned.

*These interactive audio-visual books are produced for children to familiarize them with the animals and food mentioned in al-Quran al-Majeed.
Each animal and food item has its name in Arabic and English pointed out with colorful pictures with its corresponding aayaah in which it is mentioned, to make learning of Arabic and English and appreciation of al-Quran an enjoyable learning experience.
It is a vibrant visual reference book of children and parents alike.

* In essence, the app is five colourful, interactive books related to the Quran:

1) Al-Haiwanaat (Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians) with its corresponding aayaah.

2) Al-Haiwanaat (Insects and Birds) with its corresponding aayaah.

3) Al-Atemat (Fruits and Vegetables) with its corresponding aayaah.

4) Al-Atemat (Diffrent Food Items) with its corresponding aayaah.

5) Ta'alm al-Huruf fi Zilal al-Quran - This book makes learning the Arabic alphabet fun. Each letter is accompanied by pictures of items whose names start with the letter, and by the name of the items in Arabic and English. All items found in the book are from al-Quran, breeding familiarity for al-Quran among children.

**All items will be narrated in a child voice by clicking on it.


Fi Zilal al-Quran allows a child to grow in a fun and interactive way in two critical areas of learning: the Quran Majeed and language. Try out our lite version and see for yourself!

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