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 Erudio: Cambridge Latin Course 1.5

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From the creator of Intellego: Master Latin Verbs comes Erudio, a simple, intuitive, and free way to understand the vocabulary of the Cambridge Latin Course (CLC).

Flashcards are often considered the ultimate study resource; by driving the brain to actively recall material, they vastly improve accurate, long-term comprehension.

That's why Erudio's easy-to-use flashcard decks are designed to help you maximize your mastery of Latin vocabulary. Go beyond the CLC vocabulary checklists and find out how Erudio can make studying Latin so much more enjoyable:

• Erudio includes every word from every end-of-stage vocabulary checklist from each of the CLC's four volumes. That's exactly 1,288 words, each with a full dictionary entry and translation!
• Improve your command of Latin by studying not only vocabulary translations, but also principal parts. Erudio hides all but the first principal part by default; try to recall the others, then reveal them at the touch of a button.
• Choose whether the cards start with the English or the Latin side facing up — however you learn best.
• Erudio keeps track of any cards you mark "incorrect", allowing you to review them later and ensuring more complete and lasting comprehension.

Once you download Erudio, all functionality is immediately available offline, and takes up less than 20 megabytes on your device!

As the creator of Erudio, I am committed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. If you have any feedback, ideas, or questions, and especially if you find any lexical mistakes, please feel free to contact me or leave a review on the App Store. I am available via:

• Email: support@sebseager.com
• My website: www.sebseager.com

Lastly, my sincere appreciation and thanks to Dr. Allison Das, my high school Latin teacher, for her inspiration and encouragement. My thanks also to Ms. Murphy Moellers, my middle school Latin teacher, who introduced me to this amazing language.

‹‹‹ Happy studying! ›››

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