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 Descriptive Method 1.0.4

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Descriptive Method is constructed on a playschool style format. Just after a few practices then not only the shape is recognized, but young children can express letters interestingly.
They are physical exercises, alphabet stories being retold with acting.
The Descriptive Method teaches children how to see, how to mimic the shape with their body, hands, fingers or action. It is a play game for the whole family. Effectiveness relies on the childish rich imagination.
Young children answer your question by pointing to a picture, a real object or showing you things in the toy box, but with Descriptive Method, they just stamp their feet with their curving body to show letter C, or jumping ahead with spreading hands for T . . .  Letters are kept in their head, not in a toy box, and sprung up once required.
First of all, we must accept the simplified Modern Cursive FONT which was defined for teaching elementary students more than 5 decades ago (in Australia
and developing countries). The FONT excludes the e loop in L,H,Y,G,K.
Descriptive Method was originated directly from the shape of letters, not classical vocabulary method.
It is a playschool program that change the way the alphabet being taught and learned. The role of parent and grandparent will bring our early literacy level higher. Before reaching THREE, children will master the alphabet: their capability in acting, analyzing, comparing and able to see objects with different angles.
Built on acting, Descriptive Method gives our future generations many characteristic that not available in our time.
These children are not able to handle a pen, but they can draw invisible letter in the air “as beautiful as their teacher’s”: this illusion makes our kids start the program early.
Descriptive  Method in Vietnamese has other five tonal accents and some extra vowels. It seems more complicated than English version, however the extra features make the set more interesting indeed.

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