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 CapableTalk 1.0.921

App Uniqueness:
CapableTalk is interlinked with the learning application: Capable.
It provides a unique access to Capable community from where people who are eager to learn and speak languages are united by our platform. Get connected with Capable Community that has enthusiastic learners willing to learn to speak a language and also help teaching it by having an interactive communication channel. Choose which languages you want to learn and which languages you want to teach [be it any level, from Beginner to Expert, just select multiple languages!] and get connected based on your selection.

The innate methodology:
• Users choose which languages they want to speak or are interested in practicing.
• Users then choose which languages they want to teach, no matter the level of their proficiency. The purpose is to practice to learn and to teach!
• Users then see their 'Buddies' as per their selection.
• Change your selection as you see fit. Select multiple languages as well!
• Get connected with your buddies by calling them.
• Buddies call you when they want to learn from you.
• Set your availability status, restrict unsolicited calls.
• Media calling for interactive learning.

Technical Features:
• Real Time Profile Updates.
• Real Time Calling.
• Block User, Unblock User.
• Report User for misuse and/or abuse.
• Multiple Language Selection, Buddies list based on selection of language.
• Favorites / Favorite User.
• User Rating.
• Call History.
• Availability status, disable it and you won't receive any calls till you enable it again.
• In-App Feedback.

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    13. 5. 2020

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