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 Articulation IV 2.0.4

Speech Therapy for school and home practice! Articulation IV has four of the most common articulation targets—R, S, L, and Th–in the Initial, Medial, Final positions and in Consonant Clusters.

Buttons on the screen let you listen to the word, the sounds in the word, a short phrase containing the word, and three sentences. Sentence 1 may add another of the same target. Sentence 2 includes at least 2 of the same target sound and usually is a longer sentence. Sentence 3 likely has multiple target sounds (R, S, L, and/or Th) and will be semantically complex.

A clear speech model is presented for the child to imitate and they can record and play back their own speech. The clinician can choose from three scoring methods. 1. Score each response as correct, distorted or incorrect. 2. Score responses as correct, distorted, substituted, or omitted. 3. Score productions based on whether they are spontaneously correct/incorrect or imitatively correct/incorrect.

New vocabulary includes words not commonly found in yesterday’s word lists but necessary for today's classroom success such as: compost, awesome, LOL, USB port, browser, search engine, etc. Sort the words by target sound and position. You'll find curriculum-based words including: computer-related words, math, time & measurement, emotions, food, music, sports and games etc…

This app uses the content from LocuTour’s Articulation IV CD. There are 475 words and photographs. There are: 85 words in /r/, 189 words in vowel controlled /r/, 212 words in /s/, /z/, 117 words in /l/, 49 words in voiced/voiceless /th/. Words may be in multiple phoneme groups.

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