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 A Polar Bear That Angle 1.2

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The story comes from 4A DayByDay one of the picture book series, included in the 《4A growthin mind》
《4A growth in mind》 series around the 4A daily life and learning to start, pass the positive energy of life.
The polar bear’s home is melting! What? Can a home melt? What will 4A do?
This story can share with you and your children about friendship, love and environmental protection.
APP does not contain advertising, isolated bad information, to children pure reading experience.

It is not easy for him to be stranded here. The police are going to ship him back to the North Pole. Bobo can only let him hide in this cave.
Hearing that, everyone feels sorry for the little bear.
“Why has his family vanished?”
Bobo, showing a helpless expression, says, “It’s because the earth is getting warmer and warmer. A lot of icebergs have melted. That’s what my dad said.”
“Those people let factories and automobiles release a lot of exhaust gas on the one hand, and cut down lots of trees all over the places on the other hand. Daddy said that even the earth is upset. That’s why the climate is getting warmer and warmer.”Bubo seems to know a lot.
“Humn! Again it’s the grown-ups who do those dumb things,” Alan says angrily.
Bobo nods. “That’s right. The South Pole is the same way. That’s why my family has moved over here.”
After hearing the little bear’s fate and Bobo’s experience, Amos and Annie are unsettled.
At Bobo’s request, they all agree to keep the secret about the little bear and take care of him.

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