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 15 Minutes Challenge Dojo 1.0.1

Do you know the Kitchen Timer Study Method that is popular in Japan? This is a study method that will improve your concentration and allow you to study most efficiently.Original method use a kitchen timer to count learning time. With this method, one set of study time is as short as 15 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break.

Stopping after 15 minutes may seem inefficient, but looking back at what you were doing 5 minutes before you resume learning can also help establish knowledge. Also, by shortening the study time for one lesson, you will gain the habit of studying in a short time.

"15 minutes challenge" is a smartphone application that utilizes this mechanism. The study time is recorded and it is possible to increase the motivation of study by visualizing it. Would you like to use this app to develop your study habits?

(How to use)
Just set the study time (15 minutes recommended), set the break time (recommended 5 minutes) and press the start button to automatically count the study time.
When the set study time elapses, an alarm will sound and you will automatically enter the break time. Eat ice cream, listen to music and refresh yourself. Then, when the set break time has passed, the alarm will be activated again. To resume study, press the resume button on the app. This is necessary to make you aware that you have returned to your study time in your mind. (If you're not studying and it counts as study time, it will have a negative effect on your motivation.)

Study time will be recorded automatically. The record of your efforts is visualized by a calendar and graph, so please use it for motivation improvement.

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