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 Vulture 1.4.1

Welcome to Vulture.

Vulture is a soaring planning & analysis application. We created the application because we want to take a look at our flights on the airfield, without having to look for a computer.

But we go even a step further, you can plan a task together with other pilots just before the flight. Export the task to a cup file and write it to an SD card. (an SD-card connector is required to do this.)


* Take a look at one or more flights at once. You can see the barograph for the different flights and even some more details as you replay them.

* When dragging the barograph's handle you'll get a calculated indication of the wind at the point in time for the selected flight.**

* Thermal analytics that gives you more insights on where you lost time or took the best lift. (I love this feature)**

* Vulture triest to give you a nice overview of lots of statistics. (optimized distance, release point, maximum altitude, and many more...)

* Save your flights to Vulture so you can relive them at a later time. You can also mark flights as a contest or favorite them.

* Add remarks to your saved flights, and keep a log of your favorite flights. You can search for this remark later from the flight list.

* Support drag and drop from other applications. This is how you can easily import multiple flights into Vulture.

* Import your favorite tasks from a cup file into Vulture or create them on yourself.

* Import waypoints from a cup file and create a task with waypoints. Using a waypoint as a turning point isn't required though.

* Use custom defined observation zones for each waypoint during task creation.

* Keep al your tasks in Vulture, this way you can easily export a task on the day of your flight.

* The tasks in Vulture can be exported to a cup and a flarmcfg file, this way you can import them into your igc-approved device before the flights.

* Create your tasks or edit an imported task to fit the weather of the day. Quickly duplicate a task and modify it without having to recreate the task from scratch.

* Use the SkySight integration to plan your task even better with the current weather predictions.

* You can import your OpenAir airspace files or the predefined ones from XCSoar. This way it's easier to create a task with the correct airspace taken into account.

* When you imported airspace, there is a possibility to get a glance of the different layers by long-pressing the map.

* You can export Flarm declaration from the main settings. This way you can easily set the pilot information without having to declare a task.

* Synchronize your saved flights between all your devices through iCloud. Next to your flight the tasks, waypoints, and airspaces will also be synced.

* And yes, we do support dark mode!

* Support for external hardware keyboard shortcuts.

* Terms of use: http://vulture.fousa.be/terms & Privacy Policy: http://vulture.fousa.be/privacy

We hope you enjoy Vulture. Please let us know if we can improve the app.

** Calculations provided by Koen Peeters!

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