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 Rufus: Your favourite teammate 1.0.0

Rufus is the best available tool for managing the sports team. It establishes the team, prepares the line-up, it interactively watches over the calendar of all the planned events, it looks for the backup and the opponents. Rufus notes down all the key match statistics and it automatically evaluates them.

Organize your team
With Rufus you always know who will come for the training or match.

Follow the match statistics
Everybody is the best scorer in the pub. You will stop Will´s empty talk only with one click.

Find new team mates
Is your team missing players? Rufus will help you to fill out the empty places.

Show off on Newsfeed
Were you the one to decide derby by hat trick? Tell about that to your friends on Newsfeed.

Make your team management easier
Establish your team, create the roster and manage the events calendar. You know everything about each training, goal or player´s complaint.

Entering match statistics data
Goals, points, seconds. Nothing in better than sum up the played matches in a language of numbers. All you want to see is the results of your performance on the paper, or?

Automatic graphical processing of the statistics
Your work is done by entering the match statistics. Rufus will do everything else for you, it will give you a clear overviews, mathematical meaning and even the sex appeal.

Compare you players according to the criteria
Stop to your arguing during your after match beer on who was better or was the top passer. Every Canadian point will be noted down into the club history.

Following team-mates statistics
Do you need to defend the result at the end of the match? Rufus will work out and tell you which players are the best for this. .

Show-off to the whole world
Online team-talk, pre-match heckles, after-match teasing, sharing the results on net, taking on fans and followers. Modern times ask for modern types of communication – and Rufus has it at his finger´s tip.

Possibility to share sports performance on social networks
Finally you have defeated your age-old rival? Put it on the net so everyone can see that.

Team chat
Nothing is so magical as the pre-match motivation speech full of emotions. Forget the press conferences, be modern, do it online.

Verbal fouling
Tom has been in such a form over the last month that he doesn´t hit a barn. Bored on the bench? Cut to the quick. Heckle, touting, provocation, vets – it is the spice of every collective sport..

Friends and Fans
Spread the results, increase the popularity and reputation of your team. Each club is as big as the number of its fans. Create your fans base and keep it alive with Rufus.

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