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 LaserHIT 2.6.2

Bringing safe firearm training into the comfort of your home!
LaserHIT dry fire training software allows you to practice multiple drills while educating your family about firearm safety. As a skill builder, competing against your friends while reinforcing safe handling procedures and proper shooting dynamics.
Designed by shooting instructors and inspired by military veterans, LaserHIT systems make it fun and inexpensive to shoot like the pros!

Practice with your own multiple targets or actual objects. Use augmented reality to RELOAD and reset your practice right from the firing line. Or, use the "old school" way - to walk and tap on the screen to Reload after each session.

Black Steel is a vital impact in training with suitable targets to aim at. And since we usually dry fire indoors, in a small space, miniature targets are required so that we can simulate greater distances and achieve a realistic sight picture as we aim and break the shot.

Practice with specific LaserHIT paper target to improve the 5 basic fundamentals of shooting (aiming, breath control, hold control, trigger control and follow through). Top Score is the best solution to work on your marksmanship accuracy and grouping with customizable time-frames up to 5 minutes.

Practice with the specific LaserHIT paper target to improve your speed, accuracy performance with a variety of practices such as drawing from concealment, drawing from a holster, ready up drills, and more. Track your score and timing for single draws. Customize your minimum/ maximum "commence firing" delays, hit size and timeout for single hit.

The app mandatory required the target type to precisely calculate score. LaserHIT targets are specifically designed to support the highest quality and response to timing, accuracy and shot placement.
The app support the following laserHIT paper targets: LHT-25M, LHT-B2, LHT-B3, LHT-B27 and BLACK STEEL (black targets any shape/size). All targets are available for free download on LaserHIT website.

LaserHIT is universal application that compatible with all common laser training cartridges on the market. The complex algorithm will recognize, analyze and accurately read red, green, or blue lasers.
LaserHIT application will register hits on paper targets in real-time and display the shot results onto your iPhone screen and mirror the iPhone screen to big screen HD TV.

LaserHIT offers multiple training options:
Use the Real firearm with LaserHIT high performance training cartridge instead of live ammunition
OR it compatible with OTHER training options:
Real firearm with any basic laser training cartridge instead of live ammunition
Real firearm with CO2 recoil system and built-in laser
Replica with laser built-in

SPECIAL: You have the option to setup it with the large screen TV to emphasize the visibility of your training results. For the best experience, connect TV and Phone directly through a Lightning HDMI adapter.

You will master the basic gun safety rules. You can practice at home with your own firearm (without live ammo) to assist in building muscle memory and improving marksmanship accuracy.
You can become more comfortable with the weight and operation of your firearm while in the comfort of your own home.
You will enjoy convenient touch-less setup with auto-zoom, auto-focus and auto-alignment.
You can escalate the laser shooting speed up to 10 shots per seconds (depends on the handgun model).
You can track your progress and display your result on your own TV.
You can take snapshots of your practice to track you progress over time.

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