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 Football Buddy 1.1.24

Football Buddy is your results and fixtures friend, that can also help you to PREDICT the scoreline and result of future matches!

First and foremost, Football Buddy is a soccer results database. It allows you to search results (by filtering on team names, divisions, and seasons) going back 25 years, over a wide range of European league results.

Football Buddy also shows the upcoming fixtures for selected divisions in the current season, and allows you to drill down and analyse previous results between the same teams, or to analyse the recent form of each opponent.

But crucially, Football Buddy allows you PREDICT results by creating Prediction Models that combine and weight 5 different Rules dependent on your own belief on what will best determine the outcome of a match.

Having determined the balance of your model, you can then initiate an analysis to determine how successful your model would have been when assessed against historic results. The answer will provide a %-age for result accuracy (whether it accurately predicted a win/draw/lose result), and also a %-age for predicting an exact match on the scoreline.

You'll need to experiment to find the best model. Some rules work better at different points in the season. For example, a model using the League Position differential works best in the second half of the season when league positions have stabilised.

And make sure your re-run your predictions regularly to utilise the most recent results!

Football Buddy also calculates a league table snapshot for each result in its database (and will show the current league table for each fixture). This will allow you to compare the relative positions from previous encounters, and compare how the actual result unfolded compared with any prediction you made.

An internet connection is not required to use Football Buddy (as all results and fixtures are held locally on your device), but internet access is needed to download updates.

Football Buddy has results from the last 24 years from;
English League Tier 1 (Premiership)
English League Tier 2 (Championship)
English League Tier 3 (League 1)
English League Tier 4 (League 2)
English League Tier 5 (Conference)

Scottish League Tier 1 (Premiership)
Scottish League Tier 2 (Championship)
Scottish League Tier 3 (League 1)
Scottish League Tier 4 (League 2)

German League Tier 1 (Bundesliga 1)
German League Tier 2 (Bundesliga 2)

Italian League Tier 1 (Serie A)
Italian League Tier 2 (Serie B)

Spanish League Tier 1 (La Liga)
Spanish League Tier 2 (Liga Adelante)

French League Tier 1 (Ligue 1)
French League Tier 2 (Ligue 2)

FIXTURES FOR 2019-2020
German Bundesliga 1
English Premiership, Championship, League 1, League 2, National League
Spanish La Liga
French Ligue 1
Scottish Premiership, Championship, League 1, League 2

NB: Football Buddy is not a "Live Scores" service. Updates to Fixtures and Results will only be available on a weekly basis.

Disclaimer: The results and prediction information provided by Football Buddy is intended as a helpful assistant - there are no guarantees that the predicted match results will be as forecast. If you use this information for betting, football buddy is not liable for any losses if the desired outcome fails to materialise! And while every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the results stored within Football Buddy, unfortunately errors can creep in when so many results are involved.

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