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 BYC Race 1.3

The BYC Race app enables sailors on the Starnberger Lake near Munich to compete with each other in sail regattas. Using geo-fencing any sailor can start a race on the lake by sailing up-and down between the marks. Once the sailor has left the starting area, the timer starts and the sailor must use all of her experience to sail to the checkpoint mark and back as fast as possible. Upon reaching the mark, the sailor turns around and returns to the initial start area, where the timer stops. During the race, the sailor can see her real-time speed in knots, distance travelled in nautical miles as well as her course on the map. After racing, sailors can compare their achievements with their previous races in various yacht classes and other sailors' results to see how much one has improved by practicing hard on the lake. 

With the BYC Race app we want to encourage sailors on the Starnberger Lake to embrace athletic sailing and provide some gamification to make sailing more enjoyable even if you there are no competitors sailing at the same time.

Happy sailing! - or as we say in German "Mast und Schotbruch!"

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