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 HelpMeBro 1.0.2

Welcome to the worldwide Bro-unity!
Bros are everywhere around us, women and men from all continents and all occupational groups, who can help you.

HelpMeBro is a social app, which connects Bros in your neighborhood. On one hand there are Bros who need help and on the other hand there are Bros who can help you.

Mostly we are asking our friends for help, who normally cannot help fast enough or cannot help in the right way. Usually the friends are also not near.
When using HelpMeBro, only Bros around you will be contacted by a push message, when you start a help request. Only people around you can help you fast. There are often people around you, who can offer help to you, which you are asking for.
Nowadays a lot of people are wasting their time in social networks and with media, which do not benefit their lives, instead of using the valuable time with fellow people, get to know people through help and receive help when needed.

These days the social cohesion is very important, if you see what is happening around the world.
We should become better, we should become more helpful, and we should live our life completely.
Bros among us, who helped once, know the feeling of perfection, which you can feel deep inside, if you are useful when helping others.
Also you have to have the courage to ask a Bro in the neighborhood for help, instead of getting upset hours, if you cannot solve something.
Together everything can be done!

Follow the steps below to install HelpMeBro correctly and to use it right:
- Download and install HelpMeBro on your device.
- Open HelpMeBro and pay attention to the tutorial.
- Enable your location services for HelpMeBro (the reason why this point is important you will find in the explanation below in the text.)
[If your iPhone or iPad is working with iOS 11, you should click on ‘Always’ under the location services at HelpMeBro to guarantee a smooth operation of HelpMeBro.]

- When you start HelpMeBro, you will find the point ‚My profile‘ in the menu. Click on that point to register or to log in.

- If you opened HelpMeBro the first time and you are not registered, please click on ‘Registration’.
- Please fill in your mobile phone number (including your conutry code), your nick name, your name and add a picture, which other Bros will see under your profile.
- After the click on ‚Registration‘, you will receive a SMS with your activating code, which you have to insert in the gap ‘SMS Code’ and click on ‘Confirmation’.

That point is very important to ensure the authenticity of your mobile number, because other bros in the neighborhood will see you under that number and will contact you under that number, when you
started a help request.

Congratulation! Now you are a Bro and you can start to use HelpMeBro.
Start a request, receive help or help Bros in your neighborhood if you can and become a Bro- Hero.
Together we can achieve a better world!

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