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 Callcentric 2.18

Our Callcentric App has been revamped from the ground up with a modern interface, SMS Support, and expanded functionality for our popular Click2Dial Feature.

*To use this app you must have Callcentric VoIP Service
**SMS Feature requires that you have an active SMS Access Plan on your Callcentric Account
**MMS (group messaging, messages with attachments, etc) IS NOT currently supported
****Click2Dial IS NOT a true softphone client; it is a call bridging feature that gives you the ability to use your Callcentric Service to place calls from any phone

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We now support SMS on ALL of our US/Canada Numbers! Getting started is easy, all you need to do is activate one of our SMS Access Plans on your Callcentric Account and install our new app on your iOS Device. That's it!

With our new app, you can:
•Send/Receive SMS Messages in real-time
• Enable/Disable SMS Functionality on any of your US/Canada Numbers

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With our Click2Dial Call Bridging Feature you can use your iOS Device to place calls using your Callcentric Account to destinations anywhere in the world.

With Click2Dial you can:
• Save money on international calls when traveling or at home by placing them from your Callcentric Account rather than at expensive cellular rates
• Place calls using the CallerID of your Callcentric Numbers from any phone
• Make calls from areas where no cellular signal is available but you have access to WiFi

Using Click2Dial is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
• STEP 1 - Enter the "Callback Number" that you would like to use to "bridge" your calls from. This can be your iPhone Number, hotel room, office phone, etc.
• STEP 2 - Dial the "Destination number" you want to call and tap the "Initiate Callback" button on the keypad
• STEP 3 - Our system calls you on your "Callback Number", you answer and then are automatically connected to the "Destination Number" you dialed. THAT'S IT!

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
• Our simple, clean interface and built-in tutorial will shorten the learning curve and get you up and running in minutes
• Call other Callcentric Customers on their 1777#, even if they don't have a "real" phone number
• Send/Receive SMS Messages on multiple numbers all from a single device
• Place calls or send messages directly from your "Contacts" or "Call Logs"
• Check your account balance in real-time

Access to Contacts (Optional):
• Used to properly show the Name Information if the Phone Number matches with an entry in your iPhone/iPad Contacts. Your Contact list will NEVER to be uploaded to Callcentric. Data is used locally within the app. We do not have access to your Contacts outside of the app.

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